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Is Using Essay Writing Services Enough to Improve Your Skills?

To answer in one word, no!

Getting an urgent assignment help service from top academic website can connect you with the best writers and academicians and give you access to high-quality study resources and sample papers to improve your skills.

However, if you truly wish to become an exceptional writer, you must do more than get writing services from online tutors. You’ll need to practice religiously and change your routine, but before that, let’s understand a few basics.

What Are the Types of Writing Skills?

Writing skills mean your ability to express your ideas in writing. Communicating your thoughts in thorough writing will always be beneficial, regardless of the type.

That said, understand that the writing style varies by purpose. For instance, the writing format, convention, style, and format will differ from writing a technical report with an essay. Knowing which writing style is appropriate for which is also a skill.

Quality writing requires planning, writing and editing to translate ideas into words. Although some areas require extensive knowledge of the topic, like legal or medical writing, almost all areas require the following writing skills:

  • Research

Quality research is the backbone of any academic paper. You have to dig deep to find accurate data from credible and verified sources to validate your statement. You may not know about every topic. So finding relevant information from different sources is a skill you must have.

  • Outlining/Structuring

Outlining or structuring is sketching a plan for your entire content. Your writing should follow a proper structure to make your paper sound logical and well-organised. It’s a skill to organise your paper compellingly so the readers understand the primary objective of your paper.

  • Editing & Proofreading

The first draft is never a masterpiece. It’s raw and requires multiple edits to turn it into a flawless copy. Hence, no matter what writing you do, you should ensure a level of editing to remove unnecessary information and elevate the quality with suitable tone and word choice.

  • Time Management

Time management is a key skill to master, whether a student or professional. You should be able to plan your time for the entire task and deliver it without compromising the quality. Most students struggle to complete their essays on time because of poor time management. Hence, to be a good writer, learn how to manage time for a writing task first.

How to Hone Writing Skills – Expert Suggestions

Writing is a critical skill to develop to get your ideas across without physical presence. In academics, good writing skills are mandatory for quality write-ups and fetch higher and better grades. While some of your friends may be skilled writers, nothing is stopping you from becoming one. Anyone can develop strong writing skills with dedicated practice.

Here’s what you need to do to jumpstart:

  • Be thorough with the grammar basics

You cannot become a good writer without confidence in the basics. Grammar is the key aspect of writing. You should know how to write accurate sentences using correct tenses, punctuation, and syntax to improve the readability of your content. Missing a comma here and there can alter the meaning of your sentence and put your work in a poor light.

  • Practice writing & grammar exercises

There’s no shame in admitting that grammar isn’t your strongest forte. But not doing anything about it won’t benefit you in any way. So no matter how boring it may sound, make time to solve grammar exercises and practice answering comprehension questions. If you are into online games, try online grammar and spelling quizzes to improve your spelling and grammar knowledge to write accurate sentences.

  • Identify your target audience

Before you write anything, identify your target readers and develop your strategy accordingly. Once you know your readers, you can write your essay using suitable sentence structure and word choice. Also, when you know your readers’ preferences, you can discuss the points that you and your readers relate to and change your writing tone as the writing demands.

  • Read like it’s a job

There’s no alternative to reading to become a good writer. Reading will expose me to different genres, storylines, authors and their unique writing styles. You will learn about tone shifts, new words and phrases and their correct sentence use. Therefore, make a reading list with both academic and fictional reads and set a personal target to complete it. Read out loud to follow the sentences better.

  • Practice what you read

Reading will improve your vocabulary and your understanding of different writing styles. However, you will only benefit from your reading if you practice. Writing will help you implement the words and phrases you have learnt recently. Once you are done, read your write-ups aloud to identify the awkward phrases or incorrect sentences. By doing this regularly, you’ll get into the habit of writing and develop your skills to write effective content.

  • Get a writing buddy

Sometimes, even the most determined students need a push to reach their goals. A great way to feel challenged is to team up with someone with similar goals and challenges. Identify who shares your goals and set reading and writing targets for each other. This will make you responsible as you will be liable to meet your reading and writing goals. Plus, you will guide each other with different types of writing and experiment with varying sentence structures to make the process a fun learning experience.

  • Find ways to stay motivated

Quitting is not a solution if you hit a roadblock. You must be patient and give sincere effort to accomplish your goal. One way to keep your spirits high is to reward yourself. Always set realistic reading and writing targets and get someone’s feedback on your work. Treat yourself to something you love once you accomplish your target. This practice will push you to read and practice more to earn rewards and appreciation.

In conclusion, writing is a key skill you must give your optimum effort to develop. Hence, practice the suggestions I mentioned above to improve your skills and gain the confidence to write professionally without relying on online essay writing services.

All the best!

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