Since winter is just around the corner, all of us are beginning to look for warm clothes that will help us to resist the cold, as well as make us look fashionable. For that purpose, all we need to do is, explore the upcoming fashion trend for jackets, since it is one of the trendiest outfits for winters. Although there are many different styles of jackets, in the coming fall season, quilted jackets will be the new fashion mantra. If you want to flaunt your style this fall, first and the foremost thing you should do is to shop quilted jackets and, be a part of the new fashion statement. In addition to this, there are other styles of jackets that you should buy for the fall season. In this article, we will take a closer look at the upcoming jacket styles for the fall season. 

Here are the names of jacket styles that will be in, in the coming fall season

  1. Quilted jackets 

Although the fashion trend for winter outfits keeps changing, the only winter outfit that has always remained in fashion beyond any time frame is quilted jackets. With its puffy and paddy outlook, it not only helps us to keep warm but also makes us feel comfy and stylish. There are mainly two types of quilted jackets, one is the simple puffy and paddy quilted jacket, with diamond-shaped liners and solid colors, and the other one has designs and embroidery, which looks more like a blanket quilt. If you want to enhance your look further, it’s best if you wear quilted jackets of bold and pastel colors. 


  1. Bomber jacket 

Bomber jackets are mostly in throughout the year. As far as the coming fall is concerned, bomber jackets will be in as usual. This autumn, oversized and cropped leather bomber jackets and elevated wool bomber jackets, both will be in. It’s up to you to choose which type of bomber jacket you want to wear this fall. Moreover, it is best if you wear a bomber jacket with a graphic T-shirt and hoodie. If you are going on a date, you can wear a bomber jacket with a slip dress or a slip skirt, as it goes well.

  1. Trucker jackets 

If you want to wear something simple and trendy and feel comfortable, then a trucker jacket is the right choice. Trucker jackets are simple denim jackets with a wide collar and zipper or button closure. Trucker jackets are everyday wear in winter, and you can put it on with trousers and sneakers.

  1. Cargo jackets 

It is expected that cargo jackets will be in trend, in the coming season. The style of cargo jackets has changed a little, which means that pockets have now shifted upwards from the bottom. Khaki and olive green are two colors that will be in trend for cargo jackets. Moreover, cargo jackets are also everyday wear for people. To flaunt your style with cargo jackets, put them on with leggings, denim, trousers, and a slip dress. 

  1. Colorful faux leather

Although black leather jackets have been in fashion for a very long time, however, this fall, it is expected that colorful leather jackets will be in fashion. Nowadays, wearing colors that make us feel good and boost our mood, is also in trend. This phenomenon is also known as dopamine dressing. One of the most famous celebrities, Jennifer Lopez has been encouraging people to wear colors that give a positive vibe and change mood. She says that she likes to wear bright colors in winter, as it brightens up your day. She further mentioned that “colorful leather jackets can take a simple outfit to the next level or you can do a full monochromatic look with the jacket color as your base.” This shows that the trend to wear bright colors is spreading so much that now wearing colorful leather jackets will be the new fashion mantra.  


All the jacket styles mentioned in this article are the ones that people will not only wear to protect themselves from cold but will also wear them for fashion’s sake. With the emergence of so many fashion brands, fashion designers, and social media, people today have become very conscious and selective when it comes to fashion. Now is the time when people want to flaunt their style and always want to look trendy, irrespective of the season. Wearing stylish jackets is not only an outfit that will keep you warm in winter, but it is a way to express yourself. All of these jackets are unisex and will give a chic and hot look to anyone who wears them. The key point here is to understand the fact that if you want to follow fashion trends, then follow them in the right way. It is just not about wearing stylish jackets, but carrying them in just the right way. Also, it is crucial to understand that you should wear a jacket that suits you best. 

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